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 176th AHC "Minuteman" tail insignia


Minutemen Nose art seen on some aircraft. This is from UH-1D a/c number 65-10054


Capital (Tiger) Division shoulder patch of the Army of the Republic of Korea (ROK)


9th (White Horse) Division shoulder patch of the Army of the Republic of Korea (ROK)


176th Assault Helicopter Company


"The Minutemen"


The first elements of 176th AHC arrived in Vietnam in February, 1967 and set up at Phu Hiep. They became operational at the end of March and moved to Ninh Hoa in II Corps. They worked with the Korean 9th and Capitol Divisions. From May 1967 until departure in 1971, they supported the 101st Airborne Division and elements of Americal in I Corps. They were based at Chu Lai.   Click here to see Map

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  1969 - UH-1H "366"    The 176th carried their unit designation "176" on the pilots' doors. They displayed a white "Minuteman" insignia on the tail, and the rear end of the tail boom was also painted white. It's difficult to pick out some details from old photos - the last three digits of the a/c number are clearly seen in either white or yellow on the tail. The aircraft illustrated here is Minuteman 366, a UH-1H - aircraft number 68-15366. The a/c numbers "15" may also appear on the tail in black before "366", but photos aren't clear about this. 176th ships carried a red identification stripe on the roof. they also displayed white-red-white vertical stripes on the tail boom just before the horizontal tailplane. Some 176th Hueys had individualized nose art, Most often seen is "Minutemen" painted in yellow in an arc on the upper nose, with the ship number in yellow below.  
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