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 First style gunship company door logo (1965-Feb 67)


Second style gunship company door logo used from March ,1967 through the end of the 229th's involvement in Vietnam. This logo was designed by Walt Disney Studios at the request of one of the men of D Company in mid 1966. The "Smiling Tigers" received their new logo from Disney in February, 1967.




229th Aviation Battalion


Gunship Company "Smiling Tigers"

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  1966-67 UH-1B Frog   The 229th flew mostly UH-1B and C model gunships until near the end of the war. This is a gunship company Frog-configured gunship as photographed in 1966. The first style D Company blue diamond is applied to the pilot's doors. The 1st Cav emblem is painted on the tail below the tail number. .    
  1967-70 UH-1C    A 229th Huey gunship as photographed in October, 1968 at Ba To Special Forces Camp. The revised, 2nd style door logo appears on the ship. The skid tips have also been painted red.    
  1970-71 AG-1H Cobra     When the new Cobra gunships were received by the 229th, the Disney-created logo was painted on the forward fuselage underneath the pilot's cockpit windshield.    
      The 229th Gunship Company also has a nice web site, created by a D Company veteran. Click on the button below for the link:    

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