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229th Aviation Battalion nose art. Some early 229th hueys had ship numbers painted in yellow on the nose rather than black.


WO Woolyn (L) and Captain Asslyn (R) of A Company, 1966-67 (photo courtesy of Keith Bodine)


Sgt Keith Bodine, door gunner with A Company, 1966-67 (photo courtesy of Keith Bodine)


1st Platoon, C Co. nose art 1968-69. The nose number color matched the skid tip color.


2nd Platoon, C Co. nose art 1968-69


B Company door insignia  of ship "Killer Spade", 1968-69 






229th Aviation Battalion


The 229th was part of the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) in the early 1960's and helped test helicopter air mobility tactics. In 1965 they became part of the 1st Cavalry Division when the division was activated. The 229th landed in Vietnam in September 1965, and by November was involved in the first large-scale helicopter air assault action (LZ X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley).  The 1st Cav Division withdrew from Vietnam in April, 1971. However, a 3rd Brigade (separate) of the 1st Cav was organized at that time and stayed in Vietnam (III Corps) until June, 1972. The 229th served with the 3rd Brigade until its departure. Click here to see Map

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November 1965 - A Company, 229th Av Bn     Each lift troop of the 229th displayed a large geometric symbol on the pilots' doors. A Company's symbol was a dark blue triangle (the terminology is a little inexact - the color appears to have been more of a medium blue. However, the 228th ASHB was assigned a "light blue" for their company markings, so the 229th color was called "dark blue" to distinguish between the two colors). The helicopters had "high visibility" markings - yellow and red vertical stripes on the fuselage. The 229th displayed a large unit crest on the upper nose of its ships. A small 1st Cav Div logo was placed on the rear of the tail boom. The tail numbers were painted in black. I'm not certain of the first two digits of early 229th tail numbers.  Andy Spencer has researched tail numbers of 229th Hueys. In 1965 A Company Hueys had a/c numbers in the 63-08xxx and 64-13xxx ranges. I've illustrated this A Company Huey as a/c 64-13771.

  1966 - C Company, 229th Av Bn   This is a C Company ship in 1966. Most of the high visibility markings are gone except for the red vertical stripe on the engine cowling. The yellow vertical fuselage stripes have been replaced by black stripes. The C Company symbol - a medium blue circle - is prominently displayed on the pilots' doors.    
  1968 - C Company, 229th Av Bn    By 1968 the 229th had grown in size so that each flight company was divided into two flight platoons. 1st Platoon, C Company ships were identified by yellow skid tips. The vertical stripe down the engine cowling was now painted flat black.    
  1968 - C Company, 229th Av Bn    2nd Platoon, C Company Hueys were identified by blue skid tips - the same color as used on the door insignia. This aircraft, "16780," also had the M60 ammo cans painted the same blue color.  16780 was a D model Huey that was upgraded to H model specs by 1968.    
  1968 - B Company, 229th Av Bn    "Killer Spade", a B Company UH-1H from 1968-69 period. Most vertical stripes have been removed from the ship except for a black stripe on the engine cowling. The 1st Cav Div emblem has moved from the tail boom to the tail. This B Company ship has red skid tips, both on the front and back edges. The red skid tips indicated 1st Platoon. This B Company aircraft had a black spade inside the B Company symbol on the doors.  There is a small yellow sign with a black numeral "1" in the bottom edge of aircraft commander's window. This identified the lead aircraft in a combat assault. The ship was nicknamed "Killer Spade".    
      If  you are interested in learning more about the 229th Aviation Battalion in Vietnam, there are a couple of excellent sites run by 229th veterans that I recommend - links are provided below:        

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