Military Assistance Advisory Group-Vietnam Insignia main US command element in Vietnam from 1955 to 1964


MACV - Military Assistance Command Vietnam insignia   main US command in Vietnam from 1964 to 1973


1st Aviation Brigade insignia 1966 to 1973
























  Click Here   VIetnam Helicopter Pilot's Association Museum Great site associated with the VHPA. It has a lot of information and photos about Vietnam units and helicopters. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about Vietnam helicopter units.  
  Click Here   Vietnam Helicopter Pilot's Association Main association site of helicopter pilots who served in Vietnam.
  Click Here   Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association Association site for helicopter crew members who served in Vietnam.  
  Click Here   Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network                 A site for members of the VHPA and VHCMA to network. There are pages and information for guests to view, as well as links to many other sites related to Vietnam and helicopter aviation unit web sites.  
  Click Here   "Dust-Off" Great site about helicopter medical evacuation in Vietnam. Created by one of the first med evac pilots to serve in Vietnam! I highly recommend this site for those interested in Vietnam med evac info. Site includes photos.  
  Click Here   The Dustoff Association The official Army association of dustoff personnel. This includes those who have served since Vietnam to present.  
  Click Here   The Medal of Honor Society  The official Medal of Honor Society website. Includes a lot of information on the Medal of Honor and those who have been awarded our nation's highest medal of valor.  
    Restored Vietnam Hueys    
  Click Here   Wings and Rotors Air Museum in Murietta, CA. This museum currently has two flying Hueys - both B models. One is detailed as a gunship from the 118th AHC, and the other as an early medevac Huey with the 57th Medical Detachment. They have two more Hueys undergoing restoration work. One is an ORIGINAL Navy Seawolf B model, the second is an H model Huey.  
  Click Here   American Huey 369 Organization, located in Peru, IN. They have a restored and flying H model that flew in Vietnam with the 498th Medical Company. It has been repainted to its original medevac appearance. They are currently restoring a second H model that flew with the 1st Cav in Vietnam.  
  Click Here   MSS Holdings UK Limited, in Lancashire, United Kingdom. They have a restored and flying H model that flew with the 129th AHC in Vietnam. The Huey as been restored to its Vietnam appearance with appropriate 129th markings. It is currently the only flying UH-1 in the UK, and makes appearances at air shows around the country.  
  Click Here   Southern Museum of Flight, in Birmingham, AL. They have a restored UH-1H on display outdoors near their main entrance.  

Australian Vietnam Veteran sites

  Click Here   Australian Artillery Vietnam  Nice site about Australian artillery units that fought in Vietnam. The site has sections that describe the major actions of the Australian forces, as well as detailed information on artillery units that served in Vietnam. There are also photos and stories from individual veterans.  
  Click Here   Australian Armourer's Association  Website that includes a short section on Number 9 Squadron, RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). Australian Hueys in Vietnam were flown by this RAAF squadron. There is a short history, plus some photos. A CD of the unit's history in Vietnam is offered for sale by a squadron member.  
  Click Here   Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia  Official website that provides history and goals of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. This site provides veteran affairs information and information for Australian Vietnam veterans and their families, educational information, online resources and store.  
  CLick Here   RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association   A subdivision of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. Hueys flown by Australian forces in Vietnam were flown by Number 9 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force. The purpose of this organization is similar to that of the VVAA above.  
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