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Nose art of the C&C Huey of the 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion.

CW3 Robert Warns at Phouc Vinh in 1969. (Photo courtesy of Robert Warns and Jim Ketcham)


"The Grunt Wagon" nickname that appeared on the right side of the aircraft, between the cabin door and cockpit windows. 


A Company aircraft "068" photographed in 1969 with three-digit number painted on front pylon.


"Chi Town" nose art on B Company a/c 66-00124

B Company "Hook" pilots (L to R) Skip Wayland, Cal Gooding and Jack Mooring at An Khe 1966-67. (Photo courtesy of Skip Wayland and Jim Ketcham)


"The Pusher" nickname painted on the right side of a/c 66-19114.


Aircraft "114" with a/c number and C Company circle logo on front pylon. "114" also displayed the 228th crest on its nose.

Left side gunner John Williams in a/c 114 "The Pusher", 1970.  (Photo courtesy of John Williams and Jim Ketcham)


The 362nd unit logo as seen on the aircraft illustrated at right.


The 362nd's nickname was "Fly United". At least one 362nd aircraft had this distinctive "United" nose art.

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion

The 1st Cavalry Division served in II Corps from September 1965 to January 1968, in I Corps from Jan 1968 to October 1968, in III Corps from October 1968 to April 1971 (with some elements operating with the US Navy in IV Corps).  The 1st Cav also served in the invasion of Cambodia in 1970.

The 228th was part of the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) in the early 1960's and helped test helicopter air mobility tactics. In 1965 they became part of the 1st Cavalry Division when the division was activated. The 228th sailed to Vietnam in the summer of 1965 and set up camp at An Khe. In late 1967 they moved to I Corps (A/228th in Phu Bai, B/228th in LZ Sharron, and C/228th in Camp Evans). Late in 1968 they all moved to Bear Cat and Phuoc Vinh in III Corps. The 228th left Vietnam in 1971. However, a small element of 228th personnel - mainly from B Company, along with 24 A model Chinooks, stayed behind. They were organized into the 362nd Aviation Company, and the 362nd stayed in Vietnam until August 1972.  They flew out of Bear Cat, then Long Thanh North, and finally Phu Loi (all in III Corps). The 362nd was the last American CH-47 unit to leave the country.   Click here to see map

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1969 - 228th C&C Huey     The 228th had one UH-1 Huey in its inventory. This H model, a/c "0377", was the battalion commander's C&C ship. The battalion crest was painted on the nose of the ship, and the number "6" in white below the crest - denoting the commander of the unit. The front and rear tips of the skids were painted white. There was a 1st Cav emblem on the tail. The aircraft number "0377" was on the tail above the logo. The call sign was "Qbee 377". The pilot of this ship in 1968-69 was CW3 Robert Warns.


  Hey, these aren't Hueys! I know, but it's my site and I thought some of you might be interested in the markings of the 228th's Chinooks. Enjoy them if you're interested!    
    1966 - A Company, 228th ASHB   This is an A model Chinook, a/c 66-19041. There was a "UNITED STATES ARMY" legend painted in flat black on the bottom fairing. "U.S. ARMY" and a six-digit a/c number was painted in flat black on the rear rotor pylon. The A Company triangle was painted in flat black in front of the first round cabin window. No 1st Cav emblem appeared on the aircraft at this time. This Chinook was nicknamed "The Grunt Wagon" by its crew, and the name appeared on the right side of the ship in front of the cabin door. 66-19041 went down on October 3, 1968 over Camp Evans after a mid-air collision with a C-7 Caribou. The crews and passengers of both aircraft were lost.    
  1969 - A Company, 228th ASHB    This aircraft, a B model Chinook a/c 66-19026, was photographed at Bear Cat (III Corps) in 1969. The markings are similar to the Chinook illustrated above, but with the addition of a large 1st Cav emblem on the rear pylon above the U.S. Army legend. Several 228th ships were photographed during 1968-69 with a three-digit a/c number painted in flat black on the front or leading edge of the front pylon.    
  1970 - B Company, 228th ASHB    This aircraft, an A model a/c 66-00124, was photographed at  Bear Cat in 1970. The B Company square emblem was painted in flat black between the first two windows on the cabin side. The "UNITED STATES ARMY" legend appeared in flat black on the bottom fairing. A 1st Cav logo appeared on the rear pylon, with the company square emblem painted in white around the outside of the logo. A three-digit a/c number "124" appeared in yellow below the Cav & company emblems. This aircraft was nicknamed "CHI TOWN". The name was painted in white capital letters on the nose of the ship.    
  1970 - C Company, 228th ASHB    C Company Chinook, a/c 66-19114         photographed in 1970 at an LZ in Cambodia. The C Company emblem appears in flat black between the first two cabin windows. The company emblem appears in white around the Cav emblem.  In addition, the company emblem appears in black on the leading edge of the front pylon with the three-digit number "114" inside the circle. This aircraft had the 228th unit crest painted on the nose of the ship. The ship was nicknamed "The Pusher", and the name appeared in yellow on the right side of the ship between the cabin door and cockpit windows.    
  1971-72  - 362nd Aviation Co.    The adopted logo of the 362nd was a pair of ducks flying in formation. This unit logo appeared on the side of this aircraft underneath the front cabin window. The black B Company square between the first two windows was painted out. The old 228th markings on the rear pylon remain, however. From available photo evidence it appears that the 362nd logo was applied to only a few of the unit's Chinooks? (note - I couldn't read the tail number in the photo of this aircraft, so I used "124" because it was already illustrated.)    

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