48th AHC                      

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UH-1D with unit "Blue Star" logo - summer 1966

  UH-1H with 9th ROK Division logo - 1967-68   UH-1H ship "580" with ROK aircraft logo  

61st AHC

            68th AHC              

UH-1H lift platoon ship with 61st AHC "Lucky" logo on nose


UH-1C gunship platoon ship "034" with "Starblazers" gun platoon logo


UH-1H lift platoon ship with with 2nd version of 68th "Top Tigers" logo on nose

    118th AHC                              

UH-1B  a/c 62-02038  - 1963


"Wind Watcher" UH-1D  1967


"Red 11" - First Flight Platoon "Scorpions" UH-1D 1968


"Blue 8" - Second Flight Platoon "Choppers" UH-1D 1968

            174th AHC                      

"Red 9" - First Flight Platoon "Scorpions" 1970-71


174th Lift Platoon "The Dolphins" C&C ship  UH-1D   1967


"None Better" - 174th Lift Platoon UH-1D  1967


174th Lift Platoon  a/c 66-16235  UH-1D  1967


"425" - 174th Gun Platoon "The Sharks" first shark-mouth Huey in Vietnam UH-1C a/c  65-9425   1966


"AMERICAL 6" Division Command Ship  UH-1D


UH-1H 1968



"043" - Co. B  Aero Scouts "Warlords" UH-1B


    1st Cav Division                              

"888" - 229th Aviation Battalion UH-1D  1965


"The DB III" - E Battery, 82nd Artillery Battalion  UH-1B  a/c  64-14051   1965-66



"JOAN  I"   E Battery, 82nd Aviation  Battalion UH-1B    1965-66


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